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All donations will be used to support the initiatives outlined below. The two current active projects are:

  1. A keyboard lab and custom curriculum for the local elementary school.

  2. A keyboard at the local community center.

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The Goal is to make music and piano more accessible in my community, especially to children whose families are unable to offer them musical opportunity. Your donations support the following initiatives, with more to come!


Community Keyboards

I donated a keyboard to my local library so everyone has access to an instrument and can access my free piano intro course. My 2023/24 goal is to provide another keyboard to my local community center.


Piano in Public Schools

In 2022/23, I taught a free kindergarten music class at one of my local elementary schools. My 2023/24 goal is to set up a keyboard lab at the elementary school and create a curriculum any teacher, regardless of prior music experience, can use with their class.


Free Intro Piano Class

The first two modules of my introductory piano class at Ventura College are available for free through this website (head to the "teacher" tab if you are interested). Anyone in the world can access it (for free!)!

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